Registry of Mennonite Materials from the former USSR available in North America

(August 27, 1998)

St. Petersburg Microfilming Project (1996-1997)

The St. Petersburg microfilming project grew out of the discovery of a rich collection of documents relating to Mennonites from the Russian State Historical Archives in St. Petersburg located at 4 English emb. in St. Petersburg, Russia. These documents relate to the Russian Senate (later the Duma) for the period of 1789 to 1917 and represent the most important archive of the approximately 40 archives located in St. Petersburg. .

After an initial inventory of materials was obtained, a group of partners in North America was formed to make the microfilming possible. These partners and corresponding contact people were the following:

1. Mennonite Historical Society of British Columbia, Box 2032, Clearbrook, BC V2T 3T8 (Contact: John B. Toews)

2. Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies, 1717S. Chestnut, Fresno, CA 93727-5097 (Contact: Paul Toews).

3. Mennonite Heritage Centre, 600 Shaftesbury Blvd., Winnipeg, MB R3P 0M4 (Contact: Lawrence Klippenstein)

4. Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies, 169 Riverton Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2L 2E5 (Contact: Abe Dueck).

Each of the four partners has a microfilm copy of the materials. Inquiries may be directed to any of the partners.

The following inventory includes some brief descriptions and most of the dates. It was prepared in Winnipeg through the work of Sergei Chaiderman, Abe Dueck, George K. Epp and Alf Redekopp.

This listing may be seen as the first step toward providing a central registry of materials that have recently been copied (paper or microfilm) and are available in North America. The Archive Committee of the Mennonite Historical Society of Canada has assumed responsibility for such a central registry and invites other scholars and researchers to contribute toward this registry.

Abe Dueck
Bert Friesen


Reel 1a

1. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 0976.
On the appearance of the Mennonite sect of huphers in the village of Chortitza... 1863-1869. 169 pp.

2. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 0975.
On the suppression of activities of Mennonite sect huphers in the Ekaterinoslav and Taurien provinces, 1863-1869. [Begins with pp.30-49, then pp.179-141, and then pp. 53-88.] NOTE: CMBS (Fresno) Reel 1a is shorter and begins with pp.30-49, then pp. 179-163.

Reel 1b

3. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 0975.
[continuation of Reel 1a (821-5-975) [Begins with pp. 89-115, then pp. 124-115, then pp. 128-137] NOTE: CMBS (Fresno) Reel 1a is shorter, and hence Reel 1b is longer beginning with pp. 160-141, then pp. 53-115, then pp. 124-115, then pp.128-137.

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Reel 2

4. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 0940.
[not on initial list] Confessions, etc. * Mennonite Heritage Centre and Mennonite Historical Society of BC each received a single reel one, whereas CMBS (Wpg. & Fresno) received reel 1 in two segments.

5. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 0978.
On the activties of the Mennonite sect "New brothers and sisters" in the provinces of Saratov and Samara, 1865-1876, 132 pp. Consists of the following files of the Minister of State Domains: a) On pietists in Volga provinces (Lutheran congregations); in Russian. 1864-1865. b) Pietist movement in Grunau colonies (Maiupol) including Mennonite involvement, 1865. c) Lutheran "catechismus", Moscow, 1868 (Herausgegeben Piet.)

6. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 0981.
Correspondence on the activities of the Mennonite sect "Brethren of Jerusalem" in the province of Taurien, 1866-1867, 92 pp. Includes: a) Letter to "Minister of Internal Affairs" written by Johannes and Friedrich Lange (in German), dated 19 Sept 1866. b) Glaubensbekenntnis der "Evang. Menn Gem.", 1863 (Templer). c) Letter to Minister of the Interior First Department requesting to expel Johannes Lange. (in Russian). Nov. 8, 1866. d) Letter to Ministerium des Innern from Friedrich Lange, St. Petersburg, dated Nov. 30, 1866. (in German?) e) Zweite Engabe des "Glaubensbekenntnisses" (30.XI.1866) f) fragment of letter, by Isaac/Joh. Harder, dated Sept. 1866. g) Letter by Friedrich Lange (in German), dated Jan. 13, 1867. h) Austritt aus Menn. Gem., re. David Reimer, 1 July 1866. i) [In Russian]. 1874-1910 j) Menn. in Russia (statistics) 3pp.

7. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 0955.
About the request of the Mennonites of the Miklaylov parish in the province of Kiev to excommunicate various persons for drunkenness and other vices and deviations from carrying out the rites of the said sect. Notes of V.I. Ivanov about Mennonite colonies in Russia, 1858-1860, 31 pp.

8. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 959.
Religious affairs in Russia:

a) Decrees from the Emperor, prohibiting the acceptance of religious servants who have not studied theological sciences in any one of Russian universities and giving permission to invite religious leaders from foreign countries.

b)A set of rules for those wishing to become candidates as Evangelical-Lutheran clergy (1842).

c)Documents concerning the arrival of the English Bishop to examine the affairs of Englishmen living in Russia;

d)Petition to the Minister of Internal Affairs requesting the permission for a pastor from Switzerland to preach a few sermons in Reformed Churches and the responses to this request (1877);

e)Petition to the Department of Foreign Religions from missionaries of Stockholm's communities requesting permission to teach Evangelical teachings at Christian assemblies (1884).

f) Other documents concerning religious affairs in Russia are dated up to 1886. (44 pp.).

9. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 1043.
a)Chart of the Evangelical Youth Association in Vilne, consisting of information about the goals of the association, leadership, members, admission of young members into the association.

b)Request by the Department of Religious Affairs of Foreign Settlers for information from the governors of Cherson, Samar, Iavrochesk, Ekaterinoslav estates about the numbers of Mennonite prayer houses established in these estates, their location; the individual who granted permission for their establishment; the justice system used in the colonies, etc. (1904).

c)Decrees from the Department of Religious Affairs to the Tavrichesk Governor concerning the existence of educational institutions for preparation for Mennonite preachers in the colony of Halbstadt, Molitopolsk district.

d)List of donations by Mennonites of different estates towards the cause of the Russian-Japanese War.

e)List of requests made by Mennonites concerning general elementary education.

f)Petition from Mennonites of Ekaterinoslav, requesting permission for the establishment of prayer houses (1900?)

g)Minutes the conference on Public Education (1912)

Total: 46 pp.


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Reel 3

10. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 0950.
The case about the supposed reprint of religious songbooks of the Mennonite congregation in Odessa. 1843-1844. 7 pp. Includes: Correspondence of Minister of Public Eduction Department re. church affairs.

11. Fond 49, Opis 1, Dielo 0128.
Letter of A. Pomerantrev to A.M. Ossidorskiy with enclosures of material on the history of Mennonite communities in Russia. 1914. 47 pp. These include: Information on the Mennonites in Russia [in Russian) (Berdiansk : Ediger, 1912) 42 pp. File on "Conference on Forstei", Gnadenfeld, 1912. [in Russian], ca.20 pp. Financial report of the Mennonite representative [in Russian], 2 pp. "Rules concerning property taxes" [in Russian], 2 pp. "Responsibilities and authority of Mennonite Superviser of Forstei" [in Russian], 2 pp. "Decision of Halbstadt Volost" 25.6.1880 (Gebietsversammlung) [in Russian], 6 pp. "Ministry of State Domains", Oct.310, 1903 [in Russian], 4 pp. (on Forstei matters)

12. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 1026.
The case on the permission and prohibition of the building of Mennonite houses of prayer. 1887-1908. Includes the following documents: Minister of Internal office, July 9, 1887 [in Russian], 4 pp. Letter to Governor of Taurida, July 13, 1887 [in Russian], 3 pp. Correspondence between colonies and government [in Russian] Correspondence re. Bachmut settlers, May 28, 1893 Plan der Kirche von Memrick.

13. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 0183.
About Prussian Mennonites coming from the vicinity of Elbing and Marienburg, 1802, 152 pp.

14. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 0215.
On the movemement of 20 Prussian Mennonite families through the province of Volynsk ot be settled in the region of New Russia, in the province of Volynsk, on the soil of the landowner Divchinsk, 1809. 219 pp.

15. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 0214.
On handing out loan money to Prussian Mennonites resettling in Russia, 1803-1816.


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Reel 4

16. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 0259.
On Prussian Mennonites wanting to settle in Russia, 1805. 33 pp.

17. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 0256.
On 6 Mennonite families coming from Prussia wanting to settle in the province of Volynia, 1805. 19 pp.

18. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 0443.
On the resettlement of Mennonites from Prussia on the Molochna River in the southern region, 1818-19. 532 pp.


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Reel 5

19. Fond 398, Opis 82, Dielo 0261.
On the resettlement of Prussian Mennonites in the vicinity of Petersburg, 1841-1845.

20. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 0179.
Purchase of land on the lower Chortiza for the settlement of 150 Mennonite families, 1802, 51 pp.

21. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 0252.
Recovery of debt from the Chortiza Mennonites, 1805-1806, 90 pp.

22. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 0614.
On the affirmation of priviledges of Tarian and Ekaterinoslav Mennonites, 1839.

23. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 1208.
? Mennonites ?, 1797-1806.


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Reel 6

24. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 0261.
On the exchange of land on the Molotchna River, province of Taurian, for Mennonite settlement. 1805. 64 pp.

25. Fond 1374, Opis 1, Dielo 0095.
On the settlement of Mennonites in the province of Novgorod. 1797. 15 pp.

26. Fond 1374, Opis 1, Dielo 0392.
On the transportation of Mennonites to Russia. 1797.

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Reel 7

27. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68783.
The order for leave of service for Mennonites during World War I. 1911-1917. 41 pp.

28. Fond 387, Opis 19, Dielo 71004.
About Mennonites who voluntarily enlisted in the army and accept orthodoxy. 1916. 111 pp. [p.17-10 are old, torn blotted documents, mixed typed and written and with annotations.

29. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68741.
Classified papers about Mennonites. 1915. 20 pp.

30. Fond 1284, Opis 241, Dielo 0196.
Rules for leave of compulsory service of Mennonites. 1875. [only p.38-39].


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Reel 8

31. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 391.
Documents concerning economic and financial matters-- profits and expenses of the colonies. Included are the financial records of Krimsky, Molotschna, Smolensky, Chortitza, Schoenwiese, Hamburg, Josephstal, Ribalsk, Kronschaptensk, Schvedsk (Swedish) and Danzig colonies as well as three Jewish villages named Esrailka, Ingultza and Efingar. (124 pages; 1813-1814).

32. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 0439.
[In German]. Letter to government minister stamped 1816 (seal?) from Gebietsvorsteher Peter Siemens and Kirchen䬴ester Jacob Fast. At the end it is dated Feb. 14, 1818 (not 1816) at Chortitz. (4 singles pages followed by Russian letters(?), 1818, 1820, 1821?)] [p. 16ff - Letter to the Russian "Kaiser" from Molotschna Church elders and Gebietsvorsteher dated Sept. 22, 1826 with 12 signatures.] [p.20ff - In Russian - probably the translation, plus more letters to end, 1826. 31 pp.

33. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 528.
Documents sent to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs dated from November 17th, 1827, until May 18th, 1829. Information pertaining to the colonies of south Russia about the methods of taxation of the Mennonite colonies. The government's Tavrichesk Economic Expedition suggests making some changes in tax procedures, including the reduction or elimination of some taxes, to the Committee and Ekaterinoslav office of Foreign Settlers. Some responses to these suggestions and registers from the committee in charge of the south Russian colonies and Ekaterinoslav Office of Foreign Settlers. (17 pp.).

34. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 1212.
German letter with unclear heading, addressed to S. Exellenc by Ausl䮤ern Holl䮤er Mennonisten, signed by Jacob Schmit (or Schmitdz?); contains references to 1803 and 1814. Hard to read, followed by Russian. German letter, May 29, 1819, unclear heading, to Eure Excellenzen, Chortitza, 6 signatures including 3 Kirchen䬴este and 3 Bevollm䣨tigte"; followed by Russian, probably a translation; same number 893. Another letter (petition) similar, same date? (in German) Russian references to 1819, 1820, 1817, 1815, including some apparent census lists and inventories. p.145ff - Russian letter, dated 1820 with 6 Mennonite signatures. p.164 German letter with seal dated 1818 signed by Kirchen䬴ester Benjamin Unruh and another; followed by Russian, including dates 1820, 1822, etc. p.257 German letter to Gebietsamt, Halbstadt, Molotschna dated Oct. 1, 1823? and signed by Kirchen䬴ester Benjamin Unruh and 3 others at Alexanderwohl (the seal has 1819); followed by Russian documents up to p.334 including dates 1819, 1822, 1824, 1826, etc. p.335 German letter to Minister of the Interior, unclear date, signed by 4 Mennonites; followed by Russian documents to end. 341 pp.

35. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 1239.
Various decrees of the Emperor of Russia from the Senate to the Head of Internal Affairs concerning the complaints of the Dutch Mennonite colonists, residents of Mohnovsk District, Kiev estate, property of the land owners-- Abramovitches. Colonists complain about Kiev's Civil Board and its increase of land and income taxes in regard to the new landowners, Abramovitches. Included are the complaint documents, the records of the old rates of taxation of Dutch Mennonites and responses from the Head of Internal Affairs, Department of Government Property and the report of the government Senate concerning this case (1828-1834).


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Reel 9

36. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 171.
Decrees of the Emperor of Russia, Pavel the First to the Government Economic Expedition and Guardianship of Foreign Settlers concerning Mennonite colonists and the action the Expedition must undertake. These include the additional funds for the colonists to help them establish themselves, passports and registration matters, amounts of land provided for the colonists, benefits and privileges granted to Mennonites; decrees granted to Mennonite colonists for their industrious, hard work and observance of all the laws, providing them with new privileges. All the privileges granted to Mennonites, declaring that the colonists must be an example to other foreign settlers. Dated September 6th, 1800.

Reports from the different estates and regions to the Emperor and the senate which relate to the receipt of the decree. (1801-?)

37. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 189.
Document concerning the collection of the postage tax in New Russia from foreign settlers. Information on Mennonite settlers in Ekatherinoslav and Nickalaevsk estates through the years 1789 to 1795 and benefits and privileges granted. Information about the social, financial and economic state of the Mennonite colonies of Ekaterinoslav and Nickoloaevsk.(1789-1795, 1802, 20 pp.).

38. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 0210.
[p.1 begins with #753]. 1803 [p.10-20 in German] Abschrift eines Schreibes des Collegien Roths Contenius and den Aeltesten und Prediger der Mennoniten Gemeinde Cornelius Warkentin zu Rosenorth bei Elbing did: Novoro ? isk, dz : 22 ten August 1802 [p.21-23 in Russian again]

39. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 0317.
[contains mainly handwritten charts and tables or lists] [Some pages are repeated 10-20 times, some are missing, others very faint, ends with p.476, but with gaps. 1808-1810.

40. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 383.
Documents concerning the collection of land taxes from the Mennonites of the new Russian estate (1812) and Ekaterinoslav (1815).


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Reel 10

41. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68784.
Forstei. 1916. 84 pp. Includes list of Mennonite recruits from Barnaul, Kuban and all provinces. Includes list of assignments to forestry stations during WW I.

42. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68799.
Charts concerning the Mennonite recruits under the administration of Tavrichesk-Ekaterinoslav, Cherson-Bessarab, Akmolinsk-Semipalatinsk and other Departments of Agriculture and Government Property. Also the petitions from the Department of Forestry to obtain more Mennonite recruits for the different locations of Russia to work in the forestry stations because of the war. (1915)

43. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68832.
Department of Agriculture and Government Property reports to to the Department of Forestry about the Mennonite recruits who will work in the forestry stations. Charts of members of Mennonites in different forestry locations and the dates when they began their work.(similar to the previous set of documents) (1915)

44. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 0949.
Russian letters concerning settlers, 1844-1903. 12 pp.

45. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 0996.
Correspondence re. conc. service, Hutterites, 1870s. 1-27, 67-111 pp.

46. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 0320.
List of letters, petitions, church conference delegates, church resolutions, 1910-1917. 165 pp. P.71ff includes MB Confession of faith.


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Reel 11

47. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68737.
Statistics. 1914-1916. 104 pp.

47. Fond 387, Opis 18 File 68737.
Letter from the Department of Forestry to the elected members of government legislative assembly with the request for compulsory Mennonite alternative services. More requests for the alternative services of Mennonite workers under the submission of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of Forestry. Lists of states from which Mennonite appeals were received. Some newspaper articles concerning Mennonites during WW1. Minutes of the congress of authorized representatives from the Mennonite communities concerning the affairs of the forest commandos. (1914-1916)

48. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68739.
Appeal of Mennonites for alternative service. Lists of Mennonite draftees who appealed to serve in various jobs (nurses and forestry workers) because of the state of war in Russia. Telegrams from the different states in Russia requesting Mennonite draftees for various services. (1914-1916)

49. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68740.
Letters/petitions to His Excellency the Director of the Department of Forestry under the Central Administration of Agriculture from the Mennonite draftees requesting permission to perform their military duties in preferred locations. (1915)

50. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 0947.
Petition to the Minister for Internal Affairs with the request to permit the Evangelical prayer assemblies in the various states. Some material in German.(1833-1834)


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Reel 12

51. Fond 821, Opis 10, Dielo 58.
On religion, Petrograd, 18-25 Mar. 1917 including legislation concerning "Freedom of conscience", 44 pp.

52. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 1046.
St. Petersburg Press "Rech" 31.May 1908 with a very postitive article on Caucasus Baptists; On Baptists (constitution), June 1908; Constitution of German Baptists in Russia; Baptist jourrnal "Vera" (Faith) 14. Jan. 1909; Journal "Baptist", Rostow, 1909; and, Protokol, Konstantinowka, Samara, Oct. 10-11, 1908. 158 pp.

53. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 105.
Baptists, 1908?. pp. 18-26.

54. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 309.
Information about the World's Student Christian Federation. Letter to the editorial staff with the response to the article about the Congress of Evangelical Christians. Journal from the ministry board concerning the Russian National Student Association. Some newspaper articles about the Student Christian Circles and their work. Statutes concerning the Student Christian Circles in the educational institutions throughout Russia. (1909-1912)

55. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 311.
Baptist-Government correspondence, 1910-1912.

56. Fond 321, Opis 133, Dielo 331.
Police Department sets new rules and regulations for the religious sects because it is believed that some of their religious teachings contain revolutionary slogans. Decrees which prohibit Baptists and Evangelicals from having spiritual meetings and prayer assemblies. Evangelical correspondence to the Minister of Internal Affairs expressing their discomfort and trying to assure the authorities that their religion has nothing to do with the revolutionary propaganda. The present state of Evangelicals and Baptists is brought upon them by the army which informs the government about its actions in some of their documents. (1915-1917)

57. Fond 821, Opis 150, Dielo 61.
Articles from the newspapers Russian Word, The Bell, Voice of Moscow, and others. Relationship between the Orthodox Church and different religions, politics and religion, accusations against different religions which don't agree with teaching of the Orthodox Church; bill about the freedom of religion in Russia and other countries. Other articles deal with the Congress of members of the Government Assembly under the leadership of Ministry of Religion which discussed the situation in the country concerning different religions and disagreements between them. Information about the decisions the committee came to regarding to the freedom of religion and religious propaganda. Responses to the decisions made. (1904-1908)

58. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 168.
The petition to the Minister of Internal Affairs to allow the congress of representatives from the Christian Youth Circles of Evangelical and Baptist communities. Statute of the Evangelical Association of Christian Youth which informs about the association's goals, activities, members involved, plans for the future, etc. Complaints, petitions and other papers concerning the formation and existence of Evangelical Christian Circles. A publication (a brochure or a magazine?) called Young Vineyard. The magazine contains an article about the necessity of fear of God by Christians; a story about a black boy from Africa who accepted Christianity; some poetry and letters from friends. (1909-1910).


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Reel 13

59. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 165.
Letters, documents [in Russian], correspondence of Ekaterinoslav Guberniia and the Director of the foreign colonies in New Russia, 1789-1799; some documents concerns Mennonites, 1799 and 1800; Kontenius takes over and the documentation becomes very orderly and professional, January 10, 1801.

60. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 175.
Hutterian documents, 1801; documents of governing Senate on the "Mennonites at Wishinka", 1802; 10 letters of Kontenius, Dec. 1802-July 27, 1805; Prussian conditions for Mennonite settlers of 1803 translated into Russian and quite obviously used to lure Mennonites in 1803-1804. (254 pp.).

61. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 232.
List of Mennonite immigrants of June 22, 1804 (July 4) consisting of a) 60 families b) 76 families. (69 pp.).

62. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 244.
Financial report to His Majesty, Minister of Internal Affairs from the former Economic Expedition concerning the reception and the settling of Elbinsk and Reinburg(?)Mennonites. Financial problems faced by the New Russian Guardianship office in the process of financing foreign settlers. Report from Grodny Government Board regarding Mennonites coming across the border through Grodny, following their settlement in New Russia. (1804)

63. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 275.
Response to the letter from the General Consul and a notification sent to the Chief-Judge of New Russia Guardianship Office concerning Mennonites wishing to enter Russia. Report to the Chief Judge of the New Russian Guardianship Office about Mennonites who received passports and permission to enter Russia, from the Russian consul in Danzig. (1806) The names of people are written in German as are a few other papers in this section.

64. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 440.
Reports of the inspector of the Department of Government Economics concerning his visit to various colonies in the Chernigov estate. Information for the Minister of Internal Affairs about the economic and financial states of different colonies. Notes concerning the Rodichev Mennonite Brotherhood (colony) with the descriptions of the economic and financial state in the colony, social life, traditions, etc. Also, the request to the Department of Economics and Guardianship office of foreign settlers, for some funds to improve the life in this colony. There are other documents concerning the Rodichev Brotherhood and the lists of names of people who resettled from there to other regions in Russia.

65. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 473.
Concerns "Hutterian Mennonites", 37 pp.

66. Fond 796, Opis 81, Dielo 1041.
Decrees of the Emperor from the Government Senate, granting Mennonites settled in the New Russian regions with rights and privileges. Documents from the Emperor and the senate about the receipt of the decree. (1800-1801)

67. Fond 1284, Opis 218, Dielo 41.
Documents to the General-Governor of Kiev, Volinsk and Podolsk about the congress of Mennonites and Baptists who wanted to consult on their desire to emigrate from Russia because of the new military duty decree. (1874) Notes on what happened in the congress.

68. Fond 1374, Opis 5, Dielo 74.
Mennonites wishing to leave Russian grounds and settle in Russia in the colony of Hortetsk. The New Russia Guardianship Office requests the Emperor for his decree providing the same rights and privileges by the newly arriving colonists as the ones that have already settled. Loans provided for each of the Mennonite families, etc. List of privileges granted to Danzig Mennonites who settled in Russia. Other documents concern the Chortitza colony. (1802)

69. Fond 381, Opis 44, Dielo 20622.
Molochonsk Mennonite Region reports to the Guardianship Committee about some members of the Mennonite Brotherhood who have chosen Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Evangelical religions. Because of this, the Molochansk Region wishes to make a registration of all the remaining Mennonites. Documents concerning this conversion, withdrawal of all the rights and privileges granted to Mennonites from those who changed their religion. (2 pages of names, written in German, 1867-1868) Some Arbitrary resettlement of Saratov Samarsks colonists to regions of Caucasus and the decree established concerning the arbitrary resettlement of colonists to the different regions in Russia. (1867)

70. Fond 381, Opis 44, Dielo 20636.
The petition to the Minister of Government property from Chortitza Mennonites asking for permission to graze cattle on public pastures that belong to Jewish colonies. Documents to the minister of G. P. concerning the settlement of German colonies in Jewish Estates of New Vitebsk, New Podolsk, New Kovn, Komisnk, Izluchist (ia), New Gitomir. Other documents from the Guardianship Committee of Foreign settlement in the southern regions of Russia inform the Minister of G. P. about other issues concerning the attachment of German colonies to the Jewish ones and states the conditions of the project under which the attachment of the colonies was permitted. (1867-1868)

71. Fond 383, Opis 24, Dielo 37629.
The case of a Mennonite from Tavrichesk Estate Colony, Orlov--Heinrich Krimer-- who wishes to rent some extra land. (1861)

72. Fond 383, Opis 24, Dielo 37649.
A petition to Her Majesty the Empress from the deputy of Tavrichesk Estate, of the Mennonite colony Libenau, asking for permission to resettle on the banks of the river Kuban or on the coast of Azov sea. Circumstances such as the shortage of land and others, make it necessary for the colony to resettle. Registers concerning the settlements in Caucasus. (1861)

73. Fond 387, Opis 13, Dielo 56745.
14 Forstei documents, Jan. 10, 1907-May 14, 1911 [in Russian] and other material, 1900-1911. 68 pp.

74. Fond 387, Opis 13, Dielo 56678.
The report to the Department of Agriculture and Government Property of Cherson and Bessarab states from the chief of Chernopolsk? Forest District informing about the shortage and the necessity of forestry workers suggesting the establishment of Mennonite commandos in this forestry location by granting land to them. The Department of Agriculture and Government Property agrees with the need to establish forestry commandos and presents some of the problems of making these commandos possible. (1908-1914)

75. Fond 827, Opis 10, Dielo 496.
The petition to the Minister of Internal Affairs from the foreman of Mennonite Community in Kufrliandsk Estate Talsensk, requesting permission for a woman to convert from Judaism to the Mennonite religion. Petition to the foreman of the Mennonite Community from the woman wishing to convert and the response of the Ministry of Internal Affairs concerning this matter. (1903)

76. Fond 821, Opis 10, Dielo 596.
Petitions to the Administration of Military Duty and the Department of Religious Affairs, requesting the exemption from military duty of sacred leaders and preachers from Baptist, new Lettish (?) Baptist Mennonite communities from the Odessa, Baltic and Archangelsk? region, Skimsk, Pernovsk, Kursk. (1916-1917)

77. Fond 1374, Opis 2, Dielo 1678.
Quaker settlers wishing to settle in Crimea and other regions of Russia. Most German, some Russian documents. (1799-1801)


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Reel 14

78. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 252.
Long correspondence concerning Christian student organization and a speaker invited from Europe, 1911 [some French].

79. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 253.
Newspaper, 1909.

80. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 273.
Correspondence of Department of Religious Affairs concerning Baptist School and courses to be offer;1909, other Baptist materials, 1910-1913.

82. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 274.
Allianz Bibelschule, 1909-1910.

83. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 275.
1910-1911 [some French].


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Reel 15

84. Fond 821, Opis 10, Dielo 581.
Confession of Faith of Evangelical Christians in Russia, 1908(?), 56, 16 pp.

85. Fond 1284, Opis 217, Dielo 46.
Constitution of the All-Russian Union of Evangelical Christians.

86. Fond 1284, Opis 220, Dielo 19.
Correspondence of Evangelical church and state authorities,1878.

87. Fond 1284, Opis 220, Dielo 26.
Wolost resolution of Russian village, 1878.

88. Fond 1284, Opis 220, Dielo 28.
Baptist documents, 1885.

89. Fond 1284, Opis 220, Dielo 31.
On a sect of Russian believers, 1879.


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Reel 16

90. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 1009.
Correspondence of authorities concerning converts to Mennonite "sect" including Kark Hoch case, 1875-1876.

91. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 1032.
a)Correspondence of authorities concerning Jakob A. Reimer, 1892-1898; b) Petition of W.D. Schroeder to Minister of Interior; c) Department of Religious Affairs dealing with Mennonite correspondents. d) Mennonite catechism e) Mennonite Brethren confession, Berdiansk, 1880. f) Mennonite Brethren Confession, Einlage, A. Unger, 1876. g) Distinction between Mbs, Baptists, and Mennonite Church. h) Correspondence with Minister of the Interior, 1898.

92. Fond 821, Opis 10, Dielo 508.
Correspondence of Baptists with Minister of Interior, 1884-1886.

93. Fond 821, Opis 10, Dielo 1123.
Registrations (statistics?) of people of different religions and nationalities and their native language in the Empire and its estates.

94. Fond 321, Opis 133, Dielo 319.
Department of Religious Affairs lissting of sects in Russia, including Mennonites. Information about the amount of land owned by Mennonites in the different districts of Ekaterinoslavsk, Samarsk, Tavrichesk, Ufimsk, Harkovsk estates and the lists of owners of large properties of land in those districts. Information about the number of manufacturing establishments which belong to Mennonites, etc. Press Review article about the liquidation of the property which belongs to Mennonite colonists and calls them aliens because their religion prohibits them from serving in the army. Congress of authorized members of Mennonite communities and the names of the members. Present state of Mennonites and their religion in Russia.(1914-1917)

Statistics, reference to "Friedensstimme", 1914-1917.

95. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 321.
Statistics in table form re. Insurance (Chortitza) [German and Russian parallel], 1914-1915.

96. Fond 821, Opis 150, Dielo 66.
Articles from Press Review and Russian Word which deal with Mennonites in Russia during the war period. Articles criticize Mennonites whose religion prohibits them from taking any part in the war, but also underlines the patriotism of hundreds of Mennonites who joined the medical units. (1914)

97. Fond 821, Opis 150, Dielo 67.
Article from Press Review about Chortitza and the domination of Zaporozhe and its culture by German colonists; criticism of the behaviour and attitude of Mennonites towards Russia and its people. Poor relationships between Mennonites and Russians living in the Tavrichesk estate. (1915)


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Reel 17

98. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 400
Correspondence & statistical tables, 1812-1816, 448 pp.

99. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 322.
Lists of Forestry recruits, 1915, 103 pp.

100. Fond 1016, Opis 1, Dielo 777.
Correspondence, 1916, 16 pp.


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Reel 18

101. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68799.
Forestei documents, 1915, 112 pp.

102. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68805
Forestei documents, 1915-1917, 300 pp.

103. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68828

104. Fond 1016, Opis 1, Dielo 752
German letters concerning mission work among native population, 1909, 5 pp.

105. Fond 1282, Opis 3, Dielo 124
Russian correspondence on a variety of topics, 1864-1870, 106 pp.

106. Fond 1405, Opis 82, Dielo 400
Project submitted to Governing Senate and correspondence, 1881-1884, 227 pp.


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Reel 19

107. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68810
Forestei correspondence and petitions (Russian), 1915, 17 pp.

108. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68814
Forestei correspondence with authorities, 1915-1917, 56 pp.

109. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68817
Financial records regarding Forestei, 1914-1915, 567 pp.

110. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68818
Forestei finincial reports, 1915, 217 pp.

111. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68825
Distribution of Mennonite recruits, 1915-1916.

112. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 1197
Correspondence, 1838.


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Reel 20

113. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 162.
Kontenius Report to St. Petersburg on colonies; Response of gov. senate; Contenius reports on Chortitza and Josefstal, Report of Contenius to governing senate; Josefstal; Chortitza-Hoeppner problems; Hoeppner case, all details to case; and, correspondence of Lektaterinoslav office, 1797-1801..

114. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 192.
General Kochubei correspondence on Molotschna, 1803, 9 pp..

115. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 249.
Contenius on Molotschna and correspondence, 1804, 39 pp..

116. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 268.
Chortitza, 1799; Correspondence, Jekaterinoslav office with St. Petersburg,1806. 33 pp..

117. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 381.
Correspondence re. Chortitza, Molotschna, Jamburg and Hebrew colonies; reports, 1810; and, Molotschna reports. 1810-1813. 398 pp..

118. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 384.
Letter to the Department of Government Property, from the New Russian Guardianship Office of Foreign Settlers requesting a postponement of the payment of taxes to the government by Chortitza Mennonites, because of the critical economic state in Chortitza. Responses from the Department of Government Property concerning this matter and charts of tax payment by Chortitza Mennonites from 1808-1813.

119. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 491.
Responses of the Minister of Internal Affairs to the Guardianship Committee of Foreign Settlers in South Russia concerning the case about the sale of wine in Molochansk and Chortitza colonies of Tavrichesk Estate. (1821)

120. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 693.
Petition to the Minister of Internal Affairs from the Molochansk Mennonite District and Church elders(?) of the newly arrived colonies (1819-1820) asking for the loan to establish the Prayer House; funds needed to build the prayer house; permission of the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Department of Government Property to loan the necessary funds for the construction of the prayer house. (1821)

121. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 593.
Letter to the Minister of Internal Affairs informing the emperor about the colonist Johan Cornies from the colony Orloff, Iavrichesk Estate who has successfully established his farm on the land granted to him. At the time of the expiration of the land loan, the property used by Cornies has to be returned and all the establishments terminated. Because of the hard, industrious work, and all the funds put into the construction of farm establishments and the economic success of Johan Cornies's farm, it is requested that this Mennonite be granted the privilege of owning part of this land. List of expenses of constructing Cornies's farm; agreement to grant part of land to Cornies. (1835-1837)


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Reel 21

122. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 996.
Petition of Mennonite re. military service, Dec. 2, 1871; Hutterian petition; Hutterian confession of faith; and, Minister of Interior on Mennonite C.O. question.

123. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 1010.
Cornelius Unruh petition concerning Bible School in Friedensfeld; Are Mennonites a sect of a church? / Minister of Interior; A Mennonite petition concerning separation of marriage; Glaubensbekenntnis, 1896; Aelt. Penner bestaetigt Ehe...; Klage des Aelt. Penner, 1909; Petition for permission to hold service; Neuhoffnugstal on use of Russian records; Vital statistics in colonies; Privilegium, Paul I; Various peritions and responses; Neu Halbstadt complaint; Order sent to Schulrat...; On Mennonite faith; Petitions; Report on village schools; Petitions and responses; Confession of faith of MB Church, 1902; Petitions and responses; Conferences mus have permission of St. Petersburg; Petitions; Confession of faith of MB Church; Petitions; ForsteiConference, May 30-31, 1912; Rules of financing; Menu of Forestei; Minutes of Forsteiconference; Report of Forstei President, 1910; Annual report of Forstei; and, H.Dirks "Statistic...", 1905..

124. Fond 1276, Opis 6, Dielo 701.
Petition for land....

125. Fond 1278, Opis 7, Dielo 276.
Petitions, letters, 1915.

126. Fond 1282, Opis 2, Dielo 79.
C.O. questions and petitions, 1874.

127. Fond 381, Opis 18, Dielo 17862.
Record and reports of Minister of State Domains, 1892.

128. Fond 381, Opis 24, Dielo 16281.
Forestry Service, 1888.

129. Fond 381, Opis 29, Dielo 3815.
Notification concerning permission to establish the Mennonite Prayer House in Cherson and Bessarab to the Department of Government Property from the Department of Religious Affairs. List of laws or a decree concerning the establishment of Prayer Houses in southern regions of Russia in 1857. (1893-1894)

130. Fond 381, Opis 29, Dielo 529.
Main Guardianship Committee informs the ministry of Internal Affairs about the three years tax payment process for the use of land in Tavrichesk Estate, beginning in 1827. Amounts of taxes claimed from individuals, families and colonies of Mennonites living in the regions of New Russia. (1827)

131. Fond 381, Opis 29, Dielo 1228.
A petition from the Mennonites of Karesald and Karesberg colonies, who settled on the grounds of Earl Iablokovs(?) in Volinsk Estate, requesting change of some points in the contract between them and their landowner. The Mennonite colonists find the 20-year contract unprofitable, wishing to add some points to it and reduce some taxes. Comments on this request from Volinsk Civil Governor and the decision made by the Minister of Internal Affairs. (1829-1832)

132. Fond 381, Opis 8, Dielo 20619.
Guardianship Committee of Foreign Settlers of South Russian Regions informs the Minister of Government Property about the shortage and the necessity of land for 245 families in Mariupolsk Mennonite District, Ekaterinoslavsk Estate. Because of the critical financial state of the colony, the Guardianship Committee requests the Ministry to provide land for these Mennonites who will pay for it some time in the future. Agreement from the minister to loan the land. (1967)

133. Fond 381, Opis 8, Dielo 3697.
Guardianship Committee of Foreign Settlers of South Russian Regions presents the report of taxes collected in 1867 from the Mennonite and Bulgarian settlers of three New Russian Estates and Bessarab Regions and from Jewish producers of Cherson and Ekaterinoslavsk. (Journal of taxes collected from the colonist is attached) Journals of taxes collected from the foreign settlers of Ekaterinoslavsk, Cherson, Saratovsk, Tavrichesk, Samarsk Estates. The tax payment process is divided into two parts; each is a half of 1867 year.

134. Fond 381, Opis 8, Dielo 3692.
The petition to the Emperor from the Mennonites of the colony Alexander Talz?, Samalsk Estate, requesting more land, because they believe that the land they presently use is not profitable enough. Inspection charts with the names of colonists using the land and maps showing topographical features of the land. Response to the request of Mennonites. (1867)

135. Fond 381, Opis 17, Dielo 21366.
Documents dealing with Mennonites of Tavrichesk and Ekaterinoslavsk Estates wishing to emigrate to America because of of the new military service policy and wanting to sell their land to other Mennonites or outsiders. The issues concerning this matter presented to the Minister of Government Property. The mixture of Mennonites and the outsiders (people of different religions) in the same communities; the collapse of the farm economy because of such a large number of Mennonites wishing to leave Russia and other issues. Decisions, made by the Minister of Government Property and the decree from the Emperor concerning the organization of settlers-proprietors (former colonists) on the land left by Mennonites who emigrate from Russia. (1875)

136. Fond 381, Opis 21, Dielo 21906.
To prevent large numbers of Mennonites from emigrating from Russia, the Ministry of Government Property assigns Mennonites to serve in forestry service. Rights, duties and responsibilities of Mennonites doing their military service in forestry camps. (1883)

137. Fond 383, Opis 21, Dielo 30113.
Settlement of 450 Mennonite families who came from Prussia and settled on Samarsk-Stavropolsk area. Petitions requesting permission for the Mennonite families to enter Russia; contracts stating the conditions under which Mennonites from Prussia will be permitted to settle in Russia; registers of land provided for the new arriving settlers. Infortion about the methods of taxation of newly arriving Mennonites; lists of rights and responsibilities of foreign setters in Samarsk Estate; permission for the General Consulate in Danzig to distribute passports for the Mennonites emigrating to Russia; lists of the first 15 families who entered Russia and some other 75 families, settled on Samarsk-Stavropolsk grounds. A few documents in this section are in German. 353pp. (1858-1859)

138. Fond 383, Opis 22, Dielo 32962.
Report to the Guardianship Committee of Foreign Settlers from Chortitza District reporting the growth of Mennonite families in 17 colonies. These families are experiencing difficulties due to the shortage of land and requesting the Department of Government Property to provide 200 of them with land, preferably in the Ekaterinoslavsk estate(followed by the document in German). The response to the request; rules of distribution of government land according to valuation; contract of distribution and use of government land by colonists; rules for distribution of land to the peasants (farmers for long term use.) (1859)

139. Fond 383, Opis 23, Dielo 35669.
The petition from the Prussian citizen Friedrich Andrizen, requesting permission to settle with his family on land in Samarsk-Stavropolsk area in the Mennonite colony of Alexandertal (followed by documents written in German). Permission granted to Friedrich and his family to settle in the Mennonite colony. (1860)

140. Fond 383, Opis 26, Dielo 40595.
Towards the resolution of the question concerning the existence of the Baptist religion and its teachings in Kurliansk Estate, the Department of Religious Affairs requests the Department of Government Property to present the required information about the existing methods of appointing the religious leaders and preachers; numbers of Mennonites, location of prayer assemblies; forms of permission for establishment of prayer houses and churches. (1864)

141. Fond 387, Opis 4, Dielo 30129.
Mennonites who are eligible for release to colonies or for vacation from the forestry commandos of Tavrichesk and Ekaterinoslavsk Estates, Cherson, Bessarab Forestry District. Release of Peter Derksen from forestry service to the colony and vacation and release of Peter Friesen due to health problems. Lists of names of Mennonites who are eligible for release from Vladimirdk and Berdiansk Forestry commandos. (1888)

142. Fond 1284, Opis 92, Dielo 114.
The report to the Minister of Internal Affairs concerning the Assembly in Tavrichesk Estate and its resolution of the questions presented by the authorized landowners- Mennonites in Berdiansk District and Tavrichesk Estate regarding the incorrect participation of Mennonites enrolled in trade of "red" goods on merchant's licences in the elections for congress(?). Decisions made concerning this matter. (1873-74)

143. Fond 1291, Opis 84, Dielo 708.
Members of Government Council appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs with requests to provide orders concerning Mennonite customary inheritance of property and the responsibility of trusties to manage the inheritance of orphans. These issues concern the Mennonite colonists of Olginsk district, Tavrichesk Estate, Stavropolsk Estate and others. Policy concerning the inheritance of property for Mennonites in Russian regions and Estates. (1914-15)

144. Fond 1405, Opis 85, Dielo 2984.
Resolutions made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding Mennonite customary inheritance of property in Tavrichesk Estate, Brediansk district. Dispute between the Mennonites and the Odessa's board regarding property inheritance. (1884-85)


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Reel 22

145. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 159.
Documents dealing with Mennonites and other foreign settlers who settled in New Russia. Information about the place of settlement of the newly arrived, the numbers of colonists, the amounts of land provided for each of their families, amounts of money loaned to the colonists for the construction of homes and establishment of farms. Documents requested and received by the Expedition of Government Property and Guardianship of Foreign Settlers. Some lists of names of Mennonites in Chortitza, Rosental, Neuenburg, Neuendorf, Einlage, Chortitza island and other villages and also some lists of names of the new arrivals in those villages. Contracts with benefits and privileges offered to Mennonites and other foreign settlers wishing to settle in the regions of New Russia. 220 pp. (1797-98).

146. Fond 383, Opis 29, Dielo 541.
Upon request the Ekaterinoslav Office of Foreign Settlers presents information about the debts of Mennonites whose privileged time has expired after 10 years since their settlement in Tavrichesk Estate, Molitopolsk District in 1816. Petitions on behalf of Mennonites requesting the minister of Internal Affairs to decrease the debt due to their recent settlement, the establishment of their farms on new land and other negative circumstances which deprived them of chances to be comfortable and wealthy. Charts stating the amounts of money loaned to each of the families; records of names of Mennonites living on grants and some other petitions requesting the delay of payment of the debts by Mennonites. Decisions made by the Minister of Internal Affairs.(1829 - 1831, 115 pp.)

147. Fond 383 Opis 29, Dielo 609.
(1837) The Department of Government Property instructs Keppen to collect detailed statistical information about the Mennonite colonies located in the Tavrichesk Estate. Documents on colonies of Tavrichesk Estate which include the information about the economic and financial states of these colonies, comparisons of developments of colonies, different occupations and traits of people in the colonies. Advice to the Department of Property for the improvement of the economic state of colonies of Tavrichesk Estate, suggesting the Department provide more land for the colonists, reduce or eliminate some of the taxes. Establishment of a special settlement at Molochansk Mennonite colony Halbstadt, consisting of artisans (trade workers). Topographical map of Halbstadt (1841).Charts and documents concerning provision of stock and supplies in the colonies of south Russia. (1845, a total of 200 pp.)

148. Fond 384, Opis 4, Dielo 686.
Proposal for a Mennonite settlement in Byclo-Russian Regions (white Russian) from Prussia, for the economic benefit of those regions. The department of Government Property requests detailed information about the conditions of the land and the amount of land that can be appointed to Mennonite colonists. The land alloted to them is located in Vitebsk and Mogilevsk Estates; topographical maps are included with the rest of the information about the conditions of this land.(1842-1850, 139 pp.).

149. Fond 1292, Opis 1, Dielo 377.
Distribution of Mennonite recruits to serve military duty from Tavrichesk, Ekatherinoslav, Samar, Novouzensk and other states. Charts of Mennonite communities from which Mennonites are subjected to military duty. List of names of Mennonites from 18 families of Novouzensk district who are obligated to serve in the military. 1880-1885. (389 pp.)


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Reel 23

150. Fond 383, Opis 17, Dielo 21969.
Documents to the Guardianship Committee of Foreign Settlers of the South Russian Region concerning the petition from the Mennonite, Johan Klassen, requesting permission for the construction of the school for orphans in the colony Gnadenfeld and requesting land and funds for the construction of such an establishment.(1854-1856, 8 pp.)

151. Fond 776, Opis 12, Dielo 10.
The Russian government and the board of Public Education underline the necessity for the Mennonite population in Tavrichesk to know the Russian language. They consider the publication of a magazine for the Mennonites of the southern regions of Russia in order to contribute to the study of the Russian language, to be introduced to the affairs of the country, and foster interaction between the Russian population, the Mennonites and the government. The magazine to be in German and in Russian.(1891, 9 pp).

152. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 1042.
Documents issued to the Minister of Internal Affairs concerning the petition from Ivan Christin and others who are followers of Baptist teachings, requesting permission to hold public religious services in the private homes of the town.

Numbers of Baptist and religious ministers in Kreitzburg are attached. Complaints by the Baptists of the settlement Dobropolie, Taganrog district concerning the prohibition of religious assemblies; prohibitions of baptism in Russia, short articles on Christian-Evangelical teachings. Other religious affairs in the different regions and estates of Russia, concerning Baptists.

Magazine about the holidays Christians celebrate; days of the week referring to the Bible and the resurrection of Jesus, life after death, true faith, the death of Jesus for our sins. (1902-1906, 283 pp.).

153. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 1012.
Petitions to the Minister of Internal Affairs requesting the permission for the representatives of Mennonite communities from the different Russian regions to hold a congress concerning the establishment of forestry stations. Names of the representatives of Mennonite communities are attached with other documents about the goals of the congress and the questions considered by the representatives. This took place in Tavrichesk estate, Berdiansk district in August of 1913. A similar congress was held again in 1914. All the documents concerning this congress are attached.(1913-1915, 323 pp.).

154. Fond 1284, Opis 158, Dielo 44.
Report to the minister of Internal Affairs about the desire of the Mennonite population of Tavrichesk to emigrate from Russia because of the military service policy. In order to keep industrious and hard working people in Russia it is suggested to substitute military duty with alternative services. (1847, 17 pp.).

155. Fond 1263, Opis 1, Dielo 1197.
List of grants and privileges issued to Mennonites of Ekaterinoslavsk and Tavrichesk estate by the Minister of Government Property. (1800).


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Reel 24

156. Fond 379, Opis 2, Dielo 249.
(Needs to be checked again.)

157. Fond 387, Opis 19, Dielo 70987.
Petitions from Mennonites who are serving their military duty in the forestry stations in the different regions of Russia, requesting temporary vacation or release because of health problems, health problems of their relatives, or other circumstances. Mennonites requesting temporary vacation or transfer to another forestry district from the minister of Agriculture and the Department of Forestry. Responses to the requests. (1916)

158. Fond 158, Opis 19, Dielo 70989.
Deaths of Mennonites who served their military duty in the forestry stations. Gerhard Krahn, ranger of the Wisokodubrovisk (Top Oak) forestry district was murdered on the line of duty leaving his family (a wife and three children) in a critical financial condition. Requests for financial support from the Department of Forestry. Other documents deal with deaths from illnesses and accidental deaths of Mennonite workers of the forestry stations whose families are in the need of financial support. (1916, 28 pp.).

159. Fond 387, Opis 19, Dielo 70991.
Various certificates informing the Department of Forestry about the medically unfit Mennonites working in the forestry commands and requesting their dismissal due to health problems. (1916-1917)

160. Fond 573, Opis 3, Dielo 4634.
Attraction of people from different estates to communities and sects which are considered detrimental (religious rebels). The resettlement of sect members to different regions and communities (1868-1896)

161. Fond 797, Opis 62, Dielo 104.
Petition to the Public Prosecutor of the Holy Senate from the secretary of the Executive Committee (Switzerland) department of Evangelical communities requesting reduction of sentences for those who may be falsely accused and punished for leaving the Orthodox religion and propagating lies. (1892-1896)

162. Fond 797, Opis 62, Dielo 25.
Documents from the courts of Kiev, Cherson, Ekaterinoslav, Kisuenev and other districts on the sentencing of people who were accused of preaching against the Orthodox religion, claiming that the Orthodox faith is misleading people.(1891-1892, 244 pp.).

163. Fond 1341, Opis 409, Dielo 410.
Report to the government senate concerning the refusal of settlers to register the Omsk Mennonite Educational Society. Journal consisting of information about the activities of the society. Statute under which the Aleksandrovsk Ecucational Society and Mennonite private school will operate. (1912)

164. Fond 797, Opis 62, Dielo 135.
Report to the Emperor concerning the petition from Samarsk bourgeois Michael Riabov requesting the release or reexamination of the charges against minister Joseph Gregor Doormanov who was charged with false teaching against the Orthodox church and sentenced to imprisonment. Riabov confirms that Doormanov was falsely accused and doesn't preach against the Orthodox but his confirmation contradicts the facts collected against Doormanov and confront him of being a member of the Hlistov sect. Riabov and others establish the secret Christian spiritual sect and for that were accused of associating with Doormanov which later led to their exile from the country.(1892-1894, 124 pp.)


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Reel 25

165. Fond 387, Opis 19, Dielo 70979.
Vecern'aya chronika (Evening Chronicle) on mobilization, war, draft, Ersatzdienst, 1914-1916, 30 pp.

166. Fond 387, Opis 19, Dielo 70980.
Mennonite recruits from the different regions, estates and districts of Russia. Names of Mennonite recruits who were assigned to alternative service.(1916)

167. Fond 387, Opis 19, Dielo 70994.
Petitions for harvest leave, responses to these petitions and correspondence concerning the draft, 1914-1916, 205 pp.

168. Fond 387, Opis 19, Dielo 70995.
Petitions to the minister of Agriculture and the Department of Forestry from the members of the families of Mennonites who are serving their military duty in the forestry commands, requesting temporary dismissal for them. Responses to these requests.(1916)

169. Fond 797, Opis 63, Dielo 3.
Individuals who have been accused of propaganda, promoting baptism and other unorthodox practices to the Orthodox residents of various villages and towns. These individuals are being judged in the Civil Courts of Podolsa, Stavropolsk, Kievsk, Odesk, Mosrovsk and other districts.(1892-1893, 166 pp.).

170. Fond 797, Opis 63, Dielo 17.
Paper work of Kievsk, Elizavetgradsk and other district courts concerning trials of the individuals accused of preaching against the Orthodox Church. (1893-1894)

171. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 954.
Statuten der Agentur Christlicher Volkschriften fuer die Evangelischen Gemeinen Russlands, and other material, 1856-1861, 133 pp.

172. Fond 1638, Opis 1, Dielo 223.
Correspondence, 1891, 38 pp.


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Reel 26

173. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 1015.
Correspondence between Evangelical Lutheran Church and Department of Religion, Minister of Justice concerning non-orthodox clergy, and, response of the governing senate to the Minister, 1879-1895, 99 pp.

174. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 1030.
Petitions to the Department of Religious Affairs and the Minister of Internal Affairs from the Baptists of the different estates and districts of Russia (Samasrsk, Mogilevsk estates, Stavropolsk, Klomovichsk, Gitomirsk and other districts and estates), requesting permission for the establishment of prayer houses or to hold prayer assemblies in the private homes of those districts. Responses to the petitions. (1892-1897,179 pp.).

175. Fond 821, Opis 5, Dielo 1036.
In the end of 18th century in Wuertemberg the Lutheran Church experienced the emergence of evangelical separatists. Because of the differences in religious teachings the association was persecuted by the Lutheran Church and was forced to leave it's native land with the hope of religious freedom in Russia.

The settlement of Separatists in the Tavrichesk estate, Berdiansk district. Documents contain information about the locations of settlements, the conditions under which Separatists settled, the privileges they were granted, decrees from the Emperor concerning Separatists, etc. (1896-1905,141 pp.).

176. Fond 821, Opis 6, Dielo 13.
Documents that deal with the distribution of preachers and religious servants from Bazel Missionary Institute to the colonies of the southern regions of Russia.(1821-1831, 226 pp.).

177. Fond 821, Opis 10, Dielo 11.
Legal prosecution of foreign religious leaders who win converts from the Orthodox to their own churches and religions.(1892-1910,70 pp.).

178. Fond 821, Opis 10, Dielo 585.
The minister of Internal Affairs has been notified that in some of the Russian regions police take excessive measures against the religious services and prayer assemblies of sects. The minister of Internal Affairs notifies the police administrations to stop the repression of prayer assemblies of sects because in essence their creed (or religious teachings) do not contradict government interests and requirements of morality. (1908-1909, 87 pp.).

179. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 198.
Petitions to the Department of Religious Affairs requesting permission to hold Evangelical Christian assemblies and prayer meetings; documents concerning criminal cases against the members of the Evangelical Christian Union and the exile of 27 evangelists from Ialtinsk district, Tavrichesk. Documents concerning Evangelical Christians who are obliged to do military duty but whose religion prohibits them to participate in any kind of war.(1910-1916, 144 pp.). (Last section of microfilm is spliced).


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Reel 27

180. Fond 398, Opis 2, Dielo 174.
Correspondence relating to the Cornies training program for Russian model farmers including exchange between Cornies and the Minister, 1838-1848, 389 pp.

181. Fond 398, Opis 5, Dielo 812.
In order to improve the economic condition of some of the lands in Russia the Department of Government Property decides to resettle some Mennonite families who through their industriousness and hard work will set an example for the original population of those less productive lands. Locations of resettlement are Alexandrosk village, Gorigoretzk training farm, Byclo-Russia (White Russia) estates. Some of the problems which the Department of Government Property runs into in the process of resettlement. (1841-1893(?), 29 pp.).

182. Fond 398, Opis 23, Dielo 9308.
Students who studied farm economy from Mennonites and later settled in Militopolsk district of Tavrichesk estate, Novopavlovka village (settlement) who are requesting the Department of Government Property to approve their land for more settlers, which will provide them with social prosperity and the expansion of their economy. Topographical maps, the information about the economic state of the Novopavlovka settlement, petitions requesting more settlers and the responses concerning this matter.(1858-1870, 120 pp.).

183. Fond 398, Opis 68, Dielo 21906.
Petition to the Minister of Agriculture requesting the acceptance of Fedor Nikhnforov Zelenin who finished courses and received the certificate of the first class in Charkov Institute of Agriculture, for the teaching position in Tomsk Government School. Some other documents in this section also concern Fedor Zelenin. Documents concerning traveling teacher Pavel Smirnitzky requesting free education for his daughter. (1902-1908, 27 pp.).

184. Fond 827, Opis 10, Dielo 374.
Petitions to the minister of Internal Affairs requesting permission for Roman Catholics of the different estates of Russia to accept the Mennonite religion.(1896-1902,19 pp.).

185. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 31.

186. Fond 827, Opis 133, Dielo 91.
Newspaper article from St. Petersburg's Press concerning emigration movement of sect members. "The religious oppression experienced by sect members in Russia forces them to resettle to foreign country in the search for a better life." (1913, 1 pp.).

187. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 23.
Registration of religious and prayer establishments, religious leaders and preachers of different sects; statistical information about sect members; information about sect assemblies which were forced to shut down during the war period; list of some measures taken against sect members during the country's war in the interest of protecting order and public peace.(1905-1916, 102 pp.)

188. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 169.
Government decisions regarding schools, Christian Seminary in Astrakhan, official correspondence regarding religious education, 1909-1910, 131 pp.

189. Fond 1263, Opis 1, Dielo 183
Correspondence re. Complaints of Tokmak peasants against Mennonite settlers, 1819..

190. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68800.
Savizky's reports on all forestry commandoes and on situation at the beginning of the war, 1914-1917, 30 pp.

191. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68803.
Forstei recruiting, 1914-1917, 67 pp.

192. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68808.
Forstei matters, 1915, 75 pp.

193. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68809.
Sanit䴳dienst and Forstei, 1915-1916, 13 pp.

194. Fond 387, Opis 18, Dielo 68822.
Recruitment of Mennonites who are obligated to serve military duty in the forestry stations. Some lists of names of Mennonite recruits of the different estates and districts of Russia. (1915-1918, 69 pp.).


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Reel 28

195. Fond 381, Opis 8, Dielo 870.
Conduct of the colonists of Anabaptist sects who were charged and later released. The information about Miulganzendorf colony, Old and New Danzig colonies. Religious disputes between the colonies of different religious sects: religious propaganda among sect members; persecution and oppression of Mennonites in Molotschna and Berdiansk districts, resettlement of Mennonites of Gnadenfeld. Johan Lange(?) and his followers to Caucasus.(1865-67) 142 pp.

196. Fond 387, Opis 20, Dielo 7267.
The case of two widows and their husbands (Ivan Klassen, Demetri Masliakov(?) who died while on duty in the forestry service and left ther wives and children without any financial support. Requests for grants from the Dept. of Forestry. (1917)10 pp.

197. Fond 387, Opis 20 Dielo 72668.
Establishment of a Temporary Committee of Krimsk Mennonite Forestry. Objective to supply vital necessities to the forestry workers (clothing, etc.). Approval of the Dept. of Forestry for the Committee. Petitions from the members of the forestry units concerning various matters. Responses. 1917 23 pp.

198. Fond 387, Opis 28, Dielo 2815.
Collection of taxes from the Mennonites for the forestry service. Decree from the emperor regarding the collection of taxes. Shortage of funds. 1913-16. 20 pp.

199. Fond 821, Opis 10, Dielo 1112.
Issues pertaining to meeting the concerns of sect members of different religions who are serving their military duty. 1906-09. 86 pp.

200. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 325.
Documents relating to the beliefs of sects who reject military duty because of their nonresistance. Criminal cases against such. Lists of individuals who have been charged and sentenced by the courts of different regions. 1914-15.

201. Fond 821, Opis 10, Dielo 17.
Decrees by the high imperial committee regarding the appointment of individuals of non-Russian origin to public and municipal posts. Documents on the political state in Russia (1906); charts relating to foreign residents in Russia; voluntary donations for the establishment of monasteries and churches. 1905-1910. 193 pp.

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Reel 29

202. Fond 821, Opis 10, Dielo 49.
Correspondence between the Department of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The documents deals with the relationship of Russian Government to certain religions. For example, the Orthodox Church was guaranteed to be the dominant religion in the state during the present government state. The Orthodox Church was granted the right to preach among all other religions, Christian and non-Christian. All the other religions were forbidden from doing the same and were only allowed to conduct religious teachings among their own circles of followers. This documentation continues with decrees of persecutions of those who try to convert Orthodox believers to other religions and creeds; legal actions taken against those who try to commit acts of propaganda against Orthodoxy. 1909. 24 pp.

203. Fond 821, Opis 10, Dielo 587.
Correspondence between The Department of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Orthodox Church fears to loose its followers to the propaganda of other religions and creeds, therefore the requests are made to the government authorities, suggesting to set up various regulations in regards to the activities of sects, their divine service and religious teachings conducted to the public. This documentation continues with a Chart of Regulations issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in regards to the organization of divine service and prayer gatherings by sect members. 1910. 34 pp.

204. Fond 821, Opis 10, Dielo 589.
This section begins with the correspondence between the main headquarters and the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the Department of Religious Affairs. Due to the decree of April 17th, 1905, which guarantees the freedom of religion (creed) to all Russian citizens, the main headquarters are developing the project for the satisfaction of religious need of the individuals who are presently undergoing the military duties, including sect followers and other various religions. The main headquarters request the government to view this project, which involves the invitation of divine servants and preachers to the military units for the carrying out of religious services and creeds. This project is viewed by the Department of Religious Affairs, the Minister of Justice and the government Senate.

years: 1912-1917

205. Fond 821, Opis 10, Dielo 595.
This documentation relates to the persecution of the Omsk Baptist community in Akmolinsk region, that was accused of conducting propaganda in terms of religious teachings; converting Orthodox followers to Baptist; organization of secret prayer gatherings; preaching to the young; arbitrary collection of funds for the construction of prayer houses; etc. Also, certain religious preachers who are accused of committing unlawful acts. Continued with various investigations of Omsk’s Baptist community and its followers and preachers. 1916. 195 pp.

206. Fond 821, Opis 138, Dielo 153.
This section deals with the relationship of Government to various religions in the country. The government believes that the authorities should be informed about the formation of new communities, brotherhoods and religious sects. The government issues decrees of criminal persecution for the illegal formation of communities and sects and also, regulations in regards to activities of various religious sects. Continued with the law, issued by the Minister of Internal Affaires in regards to religious life, which includes some explanations for the necessity of government interference into religious life of the citizens, governments awareness of religious influence on the public, division of religious groups and their purposes. 1907. 44 pp.

207. Fond 821, Opis 145, Dielo 23.
This file begins with a few maps which carry such names in their titles as St. Petersburg, Saratov, Samara, Cherson, Ekaterinoslav, Turen. Continues with some charts. All the documents in this section are in German. date?, 9 pp.

208. Fond 1267, Opis 1, Dielo 223.
This collection of files contains the correspondence between the ministry of Internal Affairs and the Department of Government Economy. These documents are the decisions on various unrelated topics. For example: the Wertembergsk colonies request to temporarily exempt them from paying taxes, due to their economical and financial crises. The ministry of I. A. and the Department of G. E. view this request. Continued with such affairs as the new division of Evangelical districts among the colonies of Saratov; funds provided for the burial of the assistant city architect - Kramer, the dismissal of the teacher of Podol school due to his retirement age; etc. 1820. approx. 66 pp.

209. Fond 1276, Opis 12, Dielo 1447.
This section is made up of petitions from German settlers to His Majesty the Emperor, requesting to excuse them from the decree of February 2nd , 1915, which eliminates the landowning and land usage for foreign settlers. These people are requesting to leave them their properties for further usage, expressing their loyalty and devotion to their country. 1916. 69 pp.

210. Fond 1278, Opis 7, Dielo 284.
This file holds various decrees and orders in regards to the conscription of the Mennonites of Ekaterinoslav, Tavrichesk and Cherson provinces to the forestry commands and other non-combat military services. 1915. 9 pp.

211. Fond 1284, Opis 185, Dielo 101.
This file deals with the census statistics (birth certificates, place of residence, death certificates, etc.) of sect members in various provinces. Also, the registration of the individuals who separated from Orthodoxy and engaged in marriages with people of other religions. Continued with various decrees and orders in regards to the census registration of foreigners and sect members; the registration of people who marry but belong to different religions. 1905ff. 260 pp.

212. Fond 1292, Opis 1, Dielo 2049.
In this file the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Administration of Military Duty view the exemption of preachers and religious preceptors from military duty. This discussion relates to the decree of 1917, issued by the Temporary Government about the exemption of divine servants from the military. 1917. 6 pp.

213. Fond 1292, Opis 5, Dielo 346.
The documents in this section deal with the conscription of the Mennonites to the forestry commands and hospital units. Also, some statistics on the number of Mennonites drafted into the military service from various locations. The Government believes in the necessity of the conscription for the Mennonites. 1916. 26 pp.

214. Fond 821, Opis 133, Dielo 312
This file concentrates mainly on the refusal of Baptists and sect followers to serve the military duty and to participate in the war and also, the distribution of Baptist teachings and creed among the patients of the military hospitals. The government fears threat during the present war state in the country, from the Baptists and sect followers of Evangelical Christianity, because they oppose war. Special attention is dedicated to what the government calls religious propaganda in the military. The attention is directed to such publication as "The Morning Star", which is distributed by Evangelical Christians. (The examples of "The Morning Star" are included in the file). This file continues with the correspondence of the Department of Religious Affairs in regards to the direction of sect movements in Irkutsk , Tavrichesk and other provinces, during the current state of war in the country. It continues with examples of oppression and persecution of Baptist activists who conducted the discussions on religious topics among the patients at the military hospitals and distributed various religious publications. 1914-1916. 388 pp.

215. Fond 821. Opis 138, Dielo 164.
This file is titled "The Review of the Press : about Baptists, sect followers and common issues concerning various religions." The content of this file is made up of articles form different news papers and magazines. Among the titles are "Russian Word," "The Bell," "New Time," "Russian Flag," "Modern Word," "The Speech," "Minsk’s Voice" and others. These articles are related indirectly and deal with various topics. The issues discussed in the articles are: some aspects of Baptist religious teachings, the assemblies conducted by Baptists and sect followers, persecution of these religions, the propaganda accusations, conversion to the Baptist movement, the activities of Baptist followers, etc. Also this section includes the pamphlet "Mennonite Brethren Confession of Faith" in German (1902). 1910. 144 pp.

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