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Informal Queries

Professors Arnold Snyder and Werner Packull as well as Archivist Sam Steiner were extremely helpful in providing relevant information and insight, as well as simply pointing towards other possible directions for research.




Images appear courtesy of:

    The Canadian Mennonite

    Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies

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    The Meetinghouse

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    Youth Evangelism Service, BC (YES BC)


Slide Presentations

    Produced for the Commission on Education of the General Conference Mennonite Church in about 1981-82.
    Produced by: the Mennonite Library and Archives, North Newton, Kan.

Gleysteen, Jan, compiler and photographer, Faith of our Fathers

Stoesz, Dennis, compiler, The Faith and Transformation of the Mennonites in Russia: The Chortitza Colony (1789-1943)

Thiesen, John D., compiler, Sixteenth Century Anabaptism

Thiesen, John D., compiler, The Bloody Theatre or Martyrs' Mirror



Many of the black and white drawings depicting martyr and persecution scenes come from the 1685 edition of the Martyrs' Mirror. They were originally done as woodcuts by Jan Luyken, a Dutch Mennonite artist.

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