Divergent Voices of Canadian Mennonites

In 1999 the Mennonite Historical Society of Canada approved a series of projects that would address research gaps in the history of Canadian Mennonites. The approved projects have included the following:

  1. History of Aboriginal-Mennonite Relations (Conference held October 2000) (details)
  2. The Return of the Kanadier Mennonites: A History of Accomplishments and Challenges (Conference held October 2002)(details)
  3. Mennonite Hosts and Refugee Newcomers: 1979 the Present (Conference to be held 30 Sept.-1 Oct. 2005) (details)
  4. Mennonite Women in Canada (a book by Marlene Epp, published by the University of Manitoba Press in fall 2008)
  5. War and the Conscientious Objector (Conference held October 2006) (details)

The permanent committee that has planned the projects was composed of: Leonard Doell, Marlene Epp, Laureen Harder, Walter Franz, Lucille Marr, Royden Loewen and Ken Reddig. Each project also involves committee representation from Mennonite Central Committee Canada staff persons.

The second phase of DVCM began in 2006, The approved projects for DVCM II included:

  1. Mennonites, Family, and Sexuality in Historical Perspective (Conference held in October 2007 (details)
  2. Mennonites and Money: Wealth and Poverty in the Past and Present (Conference held in October 2008)(details)
  3. Mennonites, Melancholy and Mental Health: A History Conference (Conference held October 14-16, 2010) (details)
  4. Mennonites and Human Rights (Conference held 18-20 October 2012)

These projects were made possible through the generous financial assistantance of Mennonite Central Committee Canada. The permanent DVCM committee for phase II included: Lois Coleman-Neufeld, Leonard Doell, Marlene Epp, Lucille Marr, Royden Loewen (chair), Ken Reddig and Janis Thiessen.

The third phase of DVCM began in 2011, thus far the approved projects for DVCM III include

  1. Mennonite Central Committee in Canada: A History by Esther Epp-Tiessen (Winnipeg: CMU Press, 2013).
  2. MCC in Canada: a 50th Anniversary Conference (Conference held 13-14 December 2013)
  3. Ex-Mennonite / Near Mennonite: Liturgical, Non-denominational, Secular (Conference held 3-4 October 2014)
  4. Mennonites, Land and the Environment (scheduled for fall 2016)
The permanent DVCM committee for Phase III includes Royden Loewen, Marlene Epp, Lucille Marr, Leonard Doell, Laureen Harder-Gissing, Pamela Peters Pries, and Ken Reddig.


Last updated 3 February 2015